Bar Hoppin

Address: 100-B Constantine Street
Operating hours: 5pm to 2am.
Review Written On: 05/03/08

This little bar is situated approximately 40 yards off Fields Avenue on Constantine Street which is the little side street between SkyTrax disco and and Angel Witch. There are 3 small bars here Butterfly Rock, Bar Hoppin and Checkers. With the advent of these bars this street is now well paved and well lit making it easy and safe for customers to wander down and check out these bars.

Outside the bar there is a small area comprised of three oval tables with overhead fans to keep things nice and cool. This is a very popular area for guys to sit swill a few beers, swap a few tales and watch the world go by. The outside area is kept spotlessly clean with a fresh paint job and bar hopping table covers on all three tables.

Red and white stripes seem to dominate here from the outside drinking and throughout the interior of the bar. When I asked Don the owner if the red and white stripes mean anything he replied “not really they are just my favorite colors”.

Inside the bar is a somewhat classic design which caters for nearly all tastes. Running down one wall is a comfortable couch, where customers can sit enjoy a few drinks and play with the girls of their choice. The couch area affords the customer a perfect view of the entire bar especially the stage with the dancing girls.

When the bar is quiet the girls use the couch as a play area.

Again red and white are the dominant colors here. There are four tables in front of the couch all with red and white table covers.

Approximately 10 feet from the couch area there is a decent sized stage where the dancers strut their stuff. The stage is exactly the right size for the bar area and there are two poles which the girls gyrate and dance around on a regular basis.

Behind the dancing stage there is an extensively stocked bar which features a large range of local and imported liquor including Drummers favorite the infamous Bundaberg Rum.

At the far end of the bar there is an area featuring four oval tables which are used as what I call the male bonding area where guys can gather together swap stories consume vastly inappropriate amounts of alcohol, tell tall tales and play with the girls of their choice.

Each table has 4 to 6 seats around it which are comfortably padded and large enough to cater for the largest of bums.

Above the stage are video monitors for customers who are into the music to complete their bar hopping experience.

There is also a large screen in the front of the bar for customers to enjoy their rock and roll videos.

All the music is computerized with an emphasis on rock and roll as opposed to rap music.

One nice thing about this bar is that it is spotlessly clean from the table covers on the outside bar tables, right through to the CR out back.

The drinks:

There is a full range of drinks including all local and some imported beers. There is also a large range of shooters ranging from pleasant and mild, through to exotic and downright lethal. The shooters are a specialty of Daddy Paul the manager but watch out he will sell his liver with pride and doesn’t go down without a fight.

Drink Prices are as follows.
Local drinks 85 peso
Imported drinks 160 peso up to 200 peso.
There is no happy hour but girls from this bar are sent onto the street with flyers offering a buy one get one free deal.
Ladies drinks are 140 peso

Attention to detail:

There are also numerous little touches which make this bar pleasant to visit, things are also kept nice and cool by two split type air-conditioning units

There is a popcorn machine and free popcorn is given to all customers when ordering a drink.

All the tables have bar hopping table towels which soak up any spillage from party goers.

The bell ring:
Judging by the mirrors which are covered with bell ring messages, bell ringing would seem to be a very popular pastime in this bar. Having rung the bell several times in various bars I appreciated the fact that even the first bell ringers in 2004 when the bar opened still have their names meticulously maintained on the mirrors.

The bell ring here is 4,500 peso.

When you ring the bell you have a choice of a bar hoppin umbrella, a bar hoppin T/Shirt or a special bar hoppin mug.

The Market.

Being located slightly off Fields Avenue this bar is mainly visited by locals and loyal patrons who have adopted this bar as one of their favorites. Recognizing their markets the boys at Bar Hoppin have come up with the unique idea of giving regular customers their own mug from which to consume drinks from.


There is a large range of merchandise for sale here including T/Shirts, Beer coolers, Bar Hoppin mugs, umbrellas, table covers and table towels.

The girls:

The major attraction of any bar is the girls working there and in Bar Hoppin there are some very attractive friendly girls who will entertain and certainly know how to perform. One of the bar owners used to own suckers bar so as you can imagine these girls have refined oral skills.

These girls are very playful and entertaining and the EWR is 1400 peso.

The beautiful twins and yes they do play well together

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