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Perimeter Rd Balibago

Stargate because of its ‘of the beaten track’ location and the attention to detail that has gone into the creation of this bar, Stargate is an interesting experiment. Normally being situated where it is people would not expect such a classy looking bar as this area tends to attract bar owners with the attitude of, spend as little as possible on bar upkeep, keep the costs down and take whatever profit you can out. This is what I have always called the save money to make money approach and it is very common amongst the bar owners particularly those who have bars in the Perimeter Road area.

Interestingly in the case of Stargate, The owner has adopted the opposite policy, that off spending money to make money. Stargate represents for the Perimeter Road area a substantial investment and looking at the way the bar has been maintained one would assume money is also spent on the bars upkeep. This is what I call the spend money to make money approach.

Stargate is a theme bar located at the far end of Don Juico Street (Perimeter Road) just after the Maharaja hotel and right beside Ohio street the entrance to Vila Sol Subdivision. The opening hours are 2pm through to 12 midnight. The Bar was opened on November 1, 2007 and based on a bar with the same name in Rangoon Burma. It is loosely based on the TV series Stargate and as such they have tried to create a sci-fi ambience in the bar.

The sci-fi theme is created right at the bars entrance with its futuristic signage. This is further enhanced the minute you walk through the front curtains and your eyes are automatically drawn to the center stage which features a large mock stargate portal. The stage is deliberately placed in the center of the bar because it is the owner’s firm belief that the dance stage should be the center of attraction and the bar should be designed around it.

Whilst I agree with the owner that the stage should be the center piece and the bar should be designed around it I also see a problem with this. In my mind if the stage is to be the center of people’s attention then it has to be filled with girls because after all the girls are the primary reason people come to the bar. This however is not the case of Stargate as they are currently only employing 22 dancers.

Whilst interviewing the owner I asked him about the small number of girls and whilst he admitted it would probably be better to have more dancers he also pointed out some advantages to having a small amount. Listed below are the advantages and disadvantages that we discussed.


1: With the lower number of dancers the bars operating costs are lower.

2: It is easier to control the girls and for want of a better word, build a sort of corporate identity. Indeed when I asked some of the girls did they like working in Stargate they emphasized that they were proud to be working there, and saw themselves as part of an extended family.

3: With the lesser number of girls it actually gives guys a chance to get to know individual girls and build a friendship with them.

4: From the management side it is easier to know exactly how each girl performs which is always handy information for the customer.


1: Lack of initial impression. Let’s face it the more girls you have the more busy the bar looks and this is very important when considering customers initial impression.

2: More girls means a greater variety of girls for the customer to chose from

3: More girls normally translates into more customers through the door

4: The more girls you have the greater the chances they will have friends from other bars who will come see them and bring their customers with them or even better come to work in your bar.

5: Girls are the primary reason for visiting the bar if not for the girls then we would be running pubs therefore, logically speaking the more girls the merrier.

The point here is that Stargate bar only has a limited number of girls and this is a deliberate policy on behalf of the owners for some of the reasons mentioned above. This is not a big bar where the emphasis is on quantity of girls but rather a medium size bar where the emphasis is on personal interaction between the girls and the bars customers.

In terms of the bars ambience this has been created by the owner’s attention to detail. Everything in this bar is spotlessly clean and there are a number of carefully planned features that combine to give this bar its unique feel. For example the walls are heavily draped with silver and blue curtains as is the Stargate portal on the stage. These serve to create atmosphere as well as absorb the sound.

The lighting in here is also carefully thought out. At the back there are several lounges discreetly lit with overhanging dimmed florescent lights. I was informed these lights were purchased from Thailand and no other bar in Angeles has these. Again the silver and blue color format is employed here.

Stargate also features some nice crystal chandeliers which in most bars would seem out of place but in Stargate they seem to add to the atmosphere perfectly.
Realizing the importance of lighting in creating an atmosphere especially for a theme bar such as this, they have utilized a number of different lighting appliances.

An impressive display of spotlights light up the entire bar when someone pulls the horn.

There are also a number of so called disco light machines.

Of course no bar is complete without the obligatory mirror ball especially not a modernized theme bar such as Stargate.

The bar is cleverly designed in that no matter where you are sitting you can see the entire stage. In terms of the seating there is a row of comfortable couches in the right back hand corner

In front of these is a large oblong shaped managers table capable of seating up to 8 people comfortably. This is a cleverly located table where locals and tourists alike come to spin a few yarns and enjoy a few drinks in a lighthearted jovial atmosphere.

On the far right hand side of the bar is a small pool table which is used both by the girls and the guests.

Next to this is running along the far left hand side back wall is another lounge area again featuring the unique light shades and discreet subdued lighting.
In what I like to call the pit area there are two smaller circular tables which can seat 4 people comfortably and the previously mentioned large managers table.

These tables are located close to the stage allowing customers a close up view of the girls yet far enough away from the girls to allow customers to have a quite conversation. Best of all unlike most bar tables in the Philippines they are solid and don’t rock.
For those of us who like to get close up to the girls there are 8 seats right by the stage.

The seating in Stargate is also unique. There are a number of stools like any other bar but these are combined with what look like ergonomically designed chairs straight from the Ikea catalogue. These chairs are a space age design and include a comfortable foot rest. I find these chairs very comfortable but others have complained about them so I guess like most things it’s a matter of personal preference. The bar is fairly large for Perimeter Road standards and can seat 65 people comfortably.

Stargate features a well stocked bar and there are nearly always drink specials everyday of the week

Stargate also serves delicious reasonably priced snacks for the hungry customer

They serve an excellent hot dog with slightly spicy mince sauce

One novel aspect employed by the owner is the color coding of the girls. Previously they would use different color belts to denote the girls status for example red means menstruation, white means cherry girl, and a blue belt means she is good to go. With the new uniforms not being appropriate for waist belts the color coding system now takes the form of different colored leg garter belts.

This is a handy system designed to make the customers experience more easy and enjoyable.

The music is all DVD played on a computer. It is mostly sixties through to early nineties and 90% of the music will have an accompanying film clip played on flat screen monitors discreetly placed above the stage.

Another unique idea is when a customer pulls the horn and buys a drink for all the girls the entire bar becomes floodlit.

They also have the ping pong balls which cost 500p. For this the bar gets a cut, the girls get a cut and a small portion is put into an emergency fund for the girls. Interestingly these are not your normal ping pong balls but rather soft plastic balls which are a lot harder to damage and always maintain their shiny new appeal.



Ladies drink 100p

Customer drink local 60

Customer drink imported 130

Happy hour 3 to 4pm and 6 to 7pm 7 days a week

Customer drink local 40p.

Customer drink imported 85p.

There are no happy hour prices for ladies drinks and imported drinks.

Special drinks such as Strongbow cider and imported beers are 130 p

EWR IS 1200

Pull the horn price is 100p x the number of staff

Ping Pong balls 500p


There is a large range of Stargate merchandise available for purchase this includes

Stargate T/Shirts 380p

Stargate umbrellas 380p

Stargate baseball cap 250p

Stargate sunvisor 230p

Beer wrap 180p

Engraved beer mug 300p

Headband 180p

Key chain 220p

Exclusive staff pendant 750p


Quality of service is a high priority for the owner and the service in Stargate is exemplary. The waitresses are attentive and efficient. They have been trained to actually listen to the customer and what he is ordering rather than assuming, which is so often the case in other bars. Each waitress is familiar with the stock including the imported beers and knowledgeable concerning the various promotions. Every one of them is friendly, courteous and thoroughly professional. Best of all they do go EWR upon request. The waitresses wear a distinctive blue uniform and Stargate visors.

The girls

As stated in many previous bar reports it is my belief that a girlie bar is as only as good as its girls and I have to say imho Stargate has improved its line up over the last couple of months. There are now some quite cute girls in Stargate and all have fun pleasing personalities. The girls seem to genuinely enjoy working here and can always be observed having a good time in fact they really do seem part of an extended family.

Previously the girls wore a kind of A-sexual blue school dress which in my opinion did nothing to flatter them. That however has changed and they can now be seen wearing skin tight little black shorts and skimpy black halter tops. the owner has let the girls choose their own uniform and this in my opinion is a marked improvement from the blue uniform they used to wear. There are a few cuties in this bar and every girl working here seems to have a friendly accommodating attitude.

As stated previously all the Stargate girls are friendly and forthcoming even if they are cherry girls. They have a fierce loyalty to their bar and seem to enjoy their job.

Love it, like it, or loathe it, Stargate is a unique bar in a unusual location and a very interesting experiment. In my opinion Stargate is very much a reflection of its owners personality and indeed the owner himself is on record as saying “I built the bar how I liked it”. This is clearly shown by the immaculate condition it is in. For those of us who like a dirty little bar with hard core girls this bar will not be your cup of tea but for those of us who like a bar with a little class and organization there are few bars better than Stargate. Stargate is in many ways a so called Fields Avenue bar situated on Perimeter road.

Asian Escapades members well receive a 10% in this bar.

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