Wee Georges

Address: Perimeter Road
Trading Hours: 3PM to 12PM
Review Written On: 21/10/08

Situated on Perimeter Road, or Don Juico as it is known by the locals, just besides Roadies and Lost In Asia bars is the new bar Wee Georges. Wee Georges is so named because of its manager and owner wee daddy George of Blue Nile fame and before that Superstar and New Bangkok in Ermita Manila. Yes this man has been around a long time and his experience in the bar business is clearly evident where running a bar is concerned.

Whilst wee George may be small in stature his bar is anything but small, in fact it can seat 60 plus people comfortably. Being on Perimeter Road this bar caters for regular customers as much as it does tourists and on any day you will see a varied mixture of local expats and colorful characters enjoying a drink here.

Wee George is very much a central attraction of this bar and he nearly always greats visitors with a smile and a drink or two on the house. In my experience it is well worth while settling in for an extended session with wee George, as the man is a fountain of information and entertaining stories plus the atmosphere in the club is extremely conducive to a good old chin wagging session and a little play with some of the friendly girls that work there.

Wee George’s is a carefully thought out bar in terms of design. Running along the entire back wall of the club is a comfortable lounge where customers can sit and enjoy a cool drink, have a good look at the entire club or engage in a quieter more meaningful moment with the lady of their choice.

Through the middle of the club are a series of three tables each with four seats all based around a mirrored pillar. Normally you will find Wee George sitting at the end one of these, playing host to a bunch of local lads that have literally made this their local watering hole. The chairs around these tables are distinctive and very comfortable. They are designed to look like cane furniture but they are in fact fiberglass, extremely sturdy and comfortable.

At the far right hand side is a decent sized managers table which seats up to 8 people comfortably. I asked Wee George about this table and he replied that he normally only sits there when he has a bunch of Scotsmen all intent on creating one hell of a hangover. As one can imagine there have been a number of heavy sessions around this table and many a tall tale has been told.

Behind the managers table there are a number of Scottish memorabilia pieces. This includes a Scottish Kilt and some Scottish flags. Wee George and his partner Big George are both proud Scots and their pride in their heritage is clearly evidenced by the Scottish insignia hung on the walls.

Up the front is a decent sized stage which normally plays host to about 12 dancers at any one time. At the time of writing there were 24 dancers working in Wee George’s. For those of us who enjoy close contact with the girls there are a number of stools running the length of the stage. On the stage there is a set of monkey bars which replace the old fashioned pole. The girls can often be seen gyrating and playing games on the bars and in my opinion this is a unique idea.

This bar is a favorite drinking bar of many of the better known clubs that frequent Angeles. For example there is a mad dog plaque here as well as American Steel and the US 3rd Marine Division.

Opened on June 17, 2008, Wee Georges although comparatively new is in many ways the classic Perimeter Road Bar. Through its main owner and public face, wee George, it attracts a number of long term tourists and a healthy dose of expats. As would be expected the prices are very much in line with the other perimeter road bars as is the bars atmosphere. Basically when I asked George how do you find working in a Perimeter road bar he replied, “relaxing mate, very relaxing compared to Fields Avenue”.

Given the nature of the bars clientele and its owner manager there is a heavy emphasis placed on drinking and as such the liquor shelves are well stocked.

Basic Facts for Wee George’s bar:
Operating hours 3PM to 12PM
*Number of Dancers 24
*Number of waitresses 12
*Number of bar staff 3

- Days off for Girls Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday compulsory attendance.
- Dancers uniforms shorts and skimpy tops except on Fridays when they wear a tartan skirt.
- Currently no Mamasan is employed here but these duties are overseen by the senior head waitress.

- Local drink 60 piso
- Imported drink 100 to 150 piso depending on the drink
- Ladies Drink 110 piso
- EWR 1200
- Bell ring. Ring the bell 1 time and it’s for all dancers on stage ring the bell twice and it’s for all dancers and bar staff and will cost you 3500 piso.

T/Shirts with collar 450 piso
T/Shirts round neck 400 piso

Singlet 375 piso
Gold key Rings 150 piso
Silver key Rings 100 piso
Beer coolers 100 piso

There are a number of nice little touches which demonstrate the owners attention to detail and experience. For example there is a laser light which alternates patterns in conjunction with the beat of the music and the overhead lighting on the stage also alternates.

George has lived in the Philippines for a long period of time so he is well aware of how hot it can get as such there is a heavy emphasis on efficient air-conditioning in this club. All in all there is 10 ton of air-conditioning which ensures the club is kept at a pleasant temperature no matter how hot it gets outside.

Whilst on the subject of keeping cool George went to great lengths to assure me his beers are always cold and there is a reliable generator for when the inevitable brown outs hit.

Outside the bar are a series of tables kept cool by overhead fans. You will often find an enticing door girl or two sitting here and indeed for those of us who prefer the natural temperature of outside this is a great little area to enjoy a cooling drink and a sociable chat.

Wee Georges is a great Perimeter Road Bar with some very friendly girls. On the whole they are quick to chat with the customers and there is no obvious ladies drink pressure.

Wee George’s is a fun medium sized Perimeter Road bar and if bar hopping on Perimeter Road I thoroughly recommend a visit. It is situated right next door to Roadies and Lost In Asia and it is in close proximity to Mirrors at the Clarkton Hotel. Together they form a sort of mini bar complex and give the customers access to numerous girls all within walking distance

At the time of writing this article the Wee Georges does not offer an Asian Escapades discount.

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