Eager Beavers
So you're in the mood to chase some quality beaver, if so then look no further than Eager Beavers Bar. This iconic Angeles Go-Go bar has been operating since 1996 when it was first opened as the new Stinger. In 2007 it came under new ownership and with it came a redesign of the bars interior and a new name Eager Beavers however it retained the commitment to providing quality girls who are eager to please.

For many years this bar has been a must see destination for Angeles bar hoppers. It combines a relaxed friendly atmosphere, a wide range of decently priced drinks and of course some beautiful dancers who are happy to entertain their customers.



This bar is no longer operating.

The Eager Beavers bar has always maintained a reputation for good looking, friendly girls. Unlike many of the bigger more modern day bars Eager Beavers does not rely on numerous girls on stage but rather will supply about 12 girls at any one time. The girls do not dance in group shifts but in what is called rotation where every ten minutes two girls will go off the stage and two new ones will come on.

The stage itself is narrow and features large back mirrors giving customers the impression it is holding more girls than it really is. The mirrors also provide excellent viewing opportunities when the girls are wearing T/Back bikini's.

Pretty Girls

The Stage

Saturday Night Event

The Eager Beavers bar has always had a reputation for good looking girls and this is still the case today. The Eager Beavers girls are nicely presented and EWR friendly.

The stage itself is narrow and features large back mirrors giving customers the impression it is holding more girls than it really is. The mirrors also provide excellent viewing opportunities when the girls are wearing T/Back bikini's as well as being a handy tool for the girls to observe their dancing style.

Eager Beavers adopts the classic old school Angeles approach where the emphasis is on displaying the girls and interaction between the girls and the customers is definitely encouraged. The dancers are always ready to make eye contact with the customers and more than willing to join you for a ladies drink or go EWR when asked.

The old school approach is further emphasized by the girls costumes which are subtly revealing yet hide enough to keep the customers wondering. All the girls wear high heals and all wear just the right amount of makeup which highlights their features rather than whiting them out which is the case in so many bars today.

The waitresses here combine flirtatious friendliness with efficient and courteous service. The waitresses in Eager Beavers are mainly the more experienced girls and as such they do a better job of serving the customer and are nearly always more than eager to go EWR and show of their well honed skills.

The style of Eager Beavers is something I really like. As in all Kelly bars the interior is redesigned approximately every three years and the latest design is in my opinion an excellent job and really adds to the bar. I have always had the theory that when it comes to the seating a bar works on three areas. Firstly there is the bar stools which are traditionally up close to the stage and serve for the guys who want to sit close to the girls and interact with them. The second level is the tables which act as a sort of middle level where guys can sit slightly distanced from the stage enjoying a drink amongst themselves yet still view every dancer on stage. The third area is what I call the touchy feely area which normally takes the form of a series of dimly lit couches or booths.

In Eager Beavers there are about 15 bar stools along the front next to the stage, two lounges behind these and a series of tables scattered throughout the bar. In the bar corners are a series of curtained off booths for those seeking a more initiate experience.

The general feel of this bar is delightfully old school and this is clearly shown by the prominent placement of the pool table. When I saw the original design for this bar I couldn't believe they had placed the pool table right in front so the first thing that greets the customer when he walks in is people playing pool. I remember as the manager working there I complained about this until I was told just watch and observe the customers behavior. Over a period of one week I did exactly this and suddenly realized the pool table actually worked very much in the bars favor. Customers who would come in specifically to play a game of pool were happy and the customers who came in looking for girls were almost forced to enter the bar and walk towards the stage area. When doing this the customers were making a sort of sub conscious decision to stay in the bar. It was almost as if because they had gone to all the trouble of walking in past the pool table they had made a sub conscious decision to stay in the bar for at least one drink. The clearly defined division between the two types of customers works very well for the bar.

Other old school factors which I like about this bar include the rock and roll music played through a decent sound system and at a decent volume, the couch area overlooking the pool table where it is possible to sit and chat with a girl in relative privacy and yet still bond with your mates over a few games of pool, the vivacious door girls who will always greet you with a cheery hello or call out come inside sir, the subtle lighting, the one level of EWR pricing, and the lack of regular shows. This is a bar which makes its money from selling drinks and people paying EWR's, there is no emphasis on presenting a more involved entertainment package featuring show girls, karaoke singers, or spotlight dancers. This bar epitomizes a back to basics approach which is much appreciated by the customers who patronize it.

As an additional factor I have heard many people saying they like this bar because of it's location. It is just off Fields Avenue which removes it from the hustle and bustle associated with the main drag yet it is within walking distance of all the major Fields bars along with 5 major hotels.

Eager Beavers is truly an iconic bar which epitomizes the old school Angeles bar scene and as such well worth a visit when bar hopping. It is clean, well air-conditioned spacious and appeals to the different tastes of a variety of customers. Best of all the girls seem eager to go EWR and there is no emphasis placed on the glitzy show type approach. The pricing structure here is customer friendly particularly when you take into consideration the 10% Asian Escapades discount off your total drink bill. Every Saturday they have a party which features the famous Aussie BBQ, live AFL coverage and extended happy hour and throughout the week happy hour is conducted spontaneously making Eager Beavers a fun and price competitive bar to visit.

Whether it's a game of pool, a chance to hang out and enjoy a few drinks with friends, a desire to party to some old time rock and roll or searching for that special female partner this bar has something to offer you.

Best of all they offer the 10% Asian Escapades discount off your total drink bill on presentation of your AE membership card.

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