Insomnia Bar
Situated on what has now become known as upper fields Insomnia is an interesting bar that combines many modern features along with a tried and true approach to the bar business. In many ways Insomnia has been a trend setter and some of the innovations initially started here have become common place in the today’s modern bars. This is an interesting bar in that it caters for both the newbie tourist, the long term mongerer and even the expat who is on a tightly controlled budget. Over the years Insomnia has always remained consistent with a strong base of loyal customers, some loyal long term staff and of course it has always maintained an attractive lineup of dancers.


Address: 444 Fields Avenue, Angeles City

Opening Hours: 7pm - 5am


Local Drinks110pLadies Drinks160p
Double Ladies DrinksYesImported Drinks150p
Beer Wraps150pT-shirts350p
Ping Pong Balls400pBeer Coaster50p
Bell Ring Per Staff100pEarly Work Release3000p

Prices Updated On: 2019-01-30

Many innovations that Insomnia started are now common place in the AC bar scene. For example Insomnia was the first bar to actually try capturing the late night market by staying open until 5, in fact a large percentage of their business used to come early morning as other bars closed and they actively targeted this market hence the name Insomnia. Insomnia was the first bar to include a central stage running down the middle with a pole which girls can slide down from up above to commence dancing on stage. Insomnia was the first bar to have bar chairs running along the entire length of the stage with the bars name and logo printed on the back. Insomnia in many ways set the standards for others to follow.
The girls in matching uniforms

Waitresses in matching uniforms

The comfortable seating

More Girls

Originally back in 1994 this was two separate bars and then it came under the control of Mo and was renamed Voodoo. In it’s next reincarnation it was taken over by Iko and Rodger who transformed it from two small bars into one large bar with many of the features we still see today. This along with Neros was the first bar to try the oblong shaped center dance stage with rounded corners and then pack the stage out with girls. This was originally a design symbolic with Thailand bars but Neros and Insomnia took it to a new level as instead of doing rotation with two girls off and two girls on they packed the girls on stage and the result was a chaotic party atmosphere with girls and guys just enjoying life to the max.

Insomnia is a long skinny bar that’s primary space is taken up by the stage as a result they only have two levels of seating. The first level is the chairs right by the stage. This is for the guys who like to be close to the action and play with the girls. The second level is the lounge chairs that line the back walls and provide an area where the guys can relax with the girl of their choice or just simply enjoy a quiet drink or three while watching the girls frolic on the stage. To be honest in my opinion the couches could use a little refurbishing and yet most customers hardly seem to notice this and seem perfectly comfy sitting on these.

As I said in the intro there are lots of little things that show the amount of forethought and planning that went into the development of this bar. For example there is the little swing that the girls use on the stage there is the large center pole which both customers and girls slide down, there is extensive use of black lighting which highlights the fluorescent green in the bars logo, the wet bar is set back from the main area yet is highly visible and easy to reach. The speakers are placed discreetly so the music is not deafening unless cranked up to extremes by the DJ which depending on the crowd sometimes happens, the music library is extensive and they place a heavy emphasis on rock and roll especially when the mad dogs are in town. Insomnia is an interesting design because they have lots of curves which is a lot more pleasing on the eye than square blunt shapes. This bar was also the first bar to utilize wall lighting which gives it a rather unique ambience. The bar also uses a lot of aqua marine blue lighting which is particularly noticeable underneath the counter tops in between each of the couches that line the back walls. This lighting is also used underneath the counter top on the wet bar.

There are many little things which combine to make this bar stand out from others. For example they now have an excellent music system with perfect

sounding speakers there is subtle lighting which creates an ambience and highlights the girls on stage whilst hiding any flaws they may have. There are also a series of multi colored revolving lights and laser lights.Insomnia also has a lot of signage which clearly tells you how much things cost. It is often said a bar is only as good as the girls who work there. Whilst I disagree with this statement I do recognize the importance of the girls and when it comes to Insomnia the girls play a major role. Because there is no manager to act as a draw card then that job is placed on the girls and in my opinion the girls do a very good job of attracting customers.

It is often said a bar is only as good as the girls who work there. Whilst I disagree with this statement I do recognize the importance of the girls and when it comes to Insomnia the girls play a major role. Because there is no manager to act as a draw card then that job is placed on the girls and in my opinion the girls do a very good job of attracting customers. Insomnia has always been one of those bars with a strong lineup admittedly at certain times it is stronger than others but overall I have found the quality of girls here consistently high. Another thing to take note off is even though Insomnia is a long skinny club the way it has been designed the customers are always close to the girls whether they like it or not. There always seems to be a lot of girls working in this bar and like it’s sister bar D’ Club the quality is consistent and they seem to be performance orientated.

One strong point of this club is the DJ’s both of whom have been here a number of years and both know a lot of customers and the music they like. I have often walked into Insomnia and without me even asking a couple of my favorite songs will suddenly come on. This in itself is only a little thing but it does make you feel like you are a special customer and that this is your club. The music here is actually quite impressive. Over the years they have built up a decent music library and the sound system while not top class is more than adequate and will certainly handle the volume when required.

Insomnia is a very efficient bar and it is run mainly by Mummy Evelyn. There is no manager here who gets involved in massive drinking sessions and the emphasis is more on coming in as a group and making your own party or coming in solo just to find a particular girl. Talking of which the mongering opportunities in Insomnia are excellent. There is 2 shifts of girls and approximately 73 girls in total. The first shift starts at .. and finishes at .. While the second shift starts at 8 and finishes at 5. This is a lot of girls and one thing I noticed is that they are efficiently organized. The girls all wear the same bikini their shoes are exactly the same and all of them wear their licenses on the left hip. Best of all they are trained to rotate regularly so the customers get to see all the available girls during one dance set.

Currently Insomnia does not offer the Asian Escapades discount but negotiations are underway and this will hopefully be given in the near future.

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