Lately a number of people have been talking about Mirrors bar at the Clarkton hotel so I thought I would check it out and at the same time compile a bar review for AE members.

Mirrors Bar was originally opened in 1987 which in Angeles bar terms makes it a long term survivor. Initially it was under Australian management but taken over by Germans in 1992. Over the years Mirrors has remained a steady favorite amongst AC locals and Clarkton guests alike. Mirrors was a somewhat tongue in cheek name inspired by the Filipina bar girls penchant for admiring themselves in the mirror and there is certainly an abundance of mirrors in this club especially around the dance floor.



This bar is no longer operating.

Mirrors is open from 3pm through to 3am and happy hour is from 3pm to 6pm. The local drinks are 40 peso during happy hour but there is no happy hour for imported drinks which on average will cost you 110 peso. Mirrors has a very well stocked bar and all drinks are competitively priced. For example Crème de Menthe and Malibu are 90 peso through to Johnny Walker Black 170 peso and Baileys Irish Crème 150 peso.

Because it is essentially part of the Clarkton hotel they also offer a good selection of Red and White wines plus an extensive food menu. In fact the food at the Clarkton is in my humble opinion some of the best in Angeles and very reasonably priced.
The Bar

Dance Floor


Pool Table

Mirrors has a strong number of dedicated clientele and is often busy with locals and tourists commencing their nightly bar hopping activities.
The room is actually quite large approximately 80 square meters and can seat up to 60 people comfortably. There are numerous couches around the room where one can cuddle one’s chosen honey-ko in relative privacy and for those of us who like to be in the midst of the action there are three tables which can seat up to 6 people and all are close to the dance floor.

Mirrors features an abundance of red. The lighting is red as is the upholstery and a number of the girls uniforms. Obviously this was a matter of choice on the owners behalf and helps create the ambience they were looking for.

The owners in Mirrors have decided upon a soft sell approach. The music is all computerized and played at a low volume and the girls are all dressed in lingerie as opposed to bikinis and skimpy shorts which feature prominently in many other Angeles bars.

The bar is designed for easy access to the girls and after each set of dancing the girls will circulate around the bar chatting with the customers rather than hiding in the change room. I did not see one girl with a cell phone and when I asked one for her phone number she informed me that she was not allowed to give out her number to customers whilst on duty. For those of us who are sick of cell phones, this no cell policy is a welcome relief. Often a girl will sit and have a little chat with you and there is no pressure to buy ladies drinks.

Whilst on the subject of ladies drinks, they are served on a two tier system. If it is a local ladies drink it will cost 125 peso and an imported ladies drink will cost 150 peso.

Currently they are running 40 normal dancers and 10 cultural dancers. The ten cultural dancers perform their show once an hour from ten to three but no show on Sunday.

After all I had been hearing about the quality of girls working here I was not particularly impressed, but once again I will put that down to an off day. I have been there on other days and the quality of girls was quite impressive.
Technically speaking they do not have a bar fine here but instead they call it an escort fee, same thing, different name. The escort fee is 1,200 peso and for short times they will give you a room at the Clarkton for 800 peso plus 12% tax.

Mirrors has some attractive waitresses but I was not particularly impressed with the service.

Outside in the Clarkton hotel itself the service is second to none but the day I visited Mirrors several people had to wait to order a drink and waited again to pay their bills. Once again I get the impression I probably hit the bar on a bad day and the service is normally a lot better than on this day. Mirrors is currently running approximately 15 waitresses to cover both the day and night shifts and yes the waitresses do go out with the customers.
Mirrors bar has a good pool table and you will normally find a number of local guys here playing pool and having a sociable little drink. A game of pool will set you back 10 peso. Many times the hotel guests will also drop in here for a game of pool and another sort of play with the girls.
Mirrors does have a bell for customers to ring but as of yet there is no set price for a bell ring and the cost will depend on how many girls are working in the club at the time you ring the bell. They are currently working on a fixed price for the bell ring.

Cultural dance shows every day except Sunday. Cultural dance shows start at 10-PM and there is one every hour until 3 –AM.

In summary, Mirrors has some nice looking and friendly girls. Like most of the so called Perimeter Road bars there is not an over abundance of girls but the ones that are there are friendly and will get the job done. The ambience of the bar is friendly and relaxed and there is always a nice mixture of local guys and tourists hanging out here. Like the Clarkton Hotel that surrounds it, everything in Mirrors is ordered and functional which makes for a pleasant change in the Philippines.
If you are in Angeles, Mirrors Bar is certainly worth a visit. As yet there is no Asian Escapades discount however that is currently under negotiation and we expect AE members to be able to avail of an AE discount very soon in the immediate future.

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