Emotions & Touch Of Class
If ever there was two iconic Perimeter Road bars it would have to be Touch of class and Emotions. Emotions has been in existence for at least ten years as has Touch of class but under a different name. Both these bars are situated in the one building right next door to each other and above them is the ten room Perimeter Hotel.

Over the years both these bars have developed a loyal following among expats and tourists alike. Being situated on Perimeter Road their business is mainly daytime and the prices and general relaxed ambiance reflect this. These two are classic day time bars with a convenient location, realistic prices and some gorgeous dancers.


Perimeter Hotel - Touch of class bar and Emotions
10am - 7pm
Situated in the Perimeter Hotel building 464 Don Juico Avenue Clarkview Angeles City Tel No: (045)892-3010
Email: j_rigley@smartbro.net
Website www.touchofclass-emotions.com

Local Drinks65p
Ladies Drinks120p
Double Ladies Drinks250p
Imported Drinks150p
Ping Pong Balls300p
Early Work Release1800p

Prices Updated On: 2017-06-06

Touch Of Class also offers Asian Escapades
members a 10% discount off your entire bill.

Emotions and Touch of class have the same owners and are situated in the same building right next door to each other this means they have some obvious similarities but at the same time they are distinctly different bars. Touch of class is the smaller of the two with a seating capacity of no more than thirty people whereas big sister bar Emotions can seat 70 or more. The design of each bar is distinctly different with touch of class adopting the stage against the wall design and Emotions the stage in the middle approach.

Being situated on Perimeter Road both bars are fairly laid back and casual yet they each have subtle differences in ambiance.
Emotions Stage

Touch Of Class Bar

Emotions Pool Table

Perimeter Hotel Room

For example Touch of class is dimly lit and has a series of couches where customers can sit and engage the girl of their choice in conversation, whereas Emotions being the bigger bar with a central stage tends to attract the guys who want to sit around the stage on bar stools having close contact with the dancers. Emotions also seems to be more brightly lit.

In terms of the girls I have to say there were two or three cuties in Touch of class and at least five quite hot ones in Emotions. I of course realize that any bar differs day to day in terms of the line up and the girls attitude but honestly if the day we went in is any indication then both bars but especially Emotions has some real quality girls.

And this is where the problem came. All around both bars there is signage requesting that customers do not take pictures or video. I realize this is there policy but honestly it makes it damn hard to do a decent review and let potential customers know what the bar is like.

Overall there is a friendly laid back atmosphere in both bars but the girls are definitely camera shy as are the mamasans and staff. Having said that, in Emotions there were two stunners who described themselves as show girls and while the other dancers were weary of our group and extremely camera shy these two were flirting outrageously and just having fun. The rest of the dancers studiously ignored us and turned their backs to us whenever we tried to photograph them. Unfortunately the two playful ones like their companions drew the line at photographs, but we still had a good time playing with them anyway.

In Touch of class we had much the same problem yet without the cameras some of the girls were really friendly and very much personified the old school approach. While there I heard one customer relating his life story to a girl who was actually listening carefully and even swapping some stories of her life while sipping on the ladies drinks.

Interestingly enough I observed a real mix of customers ranging from the local guys who live here and tend to frequent Perimeter Road bars through to some tourists whom I had never seen before and a spattering of Korean customers as well.

Another interesting point is that their busy periods are completely different from those of Fields Avenue bars. For example when I asked the manager of Touch of class when his bar got the busiest he replied in the morning/early afternoon. Touch of class opens at 10-AM and often it is at it's busiest from 10 to midday. Obviously there is an early morning market on Perimeter Road whereas on Fields it is virtually non existent.

Emotions is definitely the bigger of the two bars and I would guess their flagship bar. I like this bar a lot because the music is played just at the right level, the design forces you to be close to the girls and the manager is a friendly bloke and quick with a cheerful hello and always a story. Emotions also has some really pretty girls. In Touch of class they use bikinis but in Emotions it is an Emotions top with crotch hugging shorts and in many cases high heeled boots. On the day we visited there were some seriously hot girls dancing and I am actively trying to hook up with one of the groups senior managers whom the girls know and I will then go together with him to get some more pictures.

Upstairs above the bars are ten rooms which they rent out. At the time of this review the Standard Room was priced at 1,100 piso for 24 hours, the Deluxe Rooms were priced at 1,200 for 24 hours, and the Jacuzzi Room was priced at 1,500 piso for 24 hours. All the rooms have recently been renovated and they include a big double bed, mini bar, small refrigerator, cable television, clean tiling, a decent sized bathroom and a small dining table with two chairs. They also serve food here which they prepare in house as well as being conveniently located close to some of Angeles best restaurants. Snacks can also be served in the bars. Lastly they also have a massage service where the girls will come to your room and massage you.

All in all this is like a self contained complex of two bars and 10 hotel rooms. In my opinion it is certainly worth visiting then as an added bonus they also accept the Asian Escapades 10% discount.

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