Treasure Island
Originally this bar was named Love Birds in fond memory of the, at that time, defunct Love Birds in M.H.Del Pilar, Ermita. When I first saw this name I thought nothing of it just writing it off as another stupid name for a bar in the Philippines but then as I gained more experience I realized the connotations behind this name and many others. For example in the Philippines budgerigars are referred to as love birds due to their habit of always being close to each other and engaging in a kissing like action by rubbing their beaks together, as such the name love birds has connotations of friendship and affection and conjures up visions of girls who will have genuine feelings for you.


Address: 187 Fields Avenue

Opening: 1pm - 10pm


Local Drinks85p
Ladies Drinks150p
Double Ladies Drinks250p
Imported Drinks155p
Ping-Pong Balls:300p
Bell Ring4,000p
Early Work Release2000p

Prices Updated On: 2017-02-22

Treasure Island also offers Asian Escapades members a 10%
discount of off your drinks and ladies drinks.

Following Love Birds it was renamed Cockatoo with the obvious play on the phrase “cock or two” and then in April 98 it was renamed Treasure Island as it still known today. Treasure Island is in itself an interesting name as it denotes the image of a hidden treasure and in my experience this is exactly what this bar is, a hidden gem and there is always something or someone to make your visit here enjoyable. In 2003 Treasure Island came under the auspices of Mo and this is when Treasure Island came into its own.

As Mo’s empire expanded, based on hard core party principles at a realistic price.
The bar area

The managers table

2nd floor seating

More Girls

Treasure Island has several factors that ensure its popularity amongst an ever expanding group of dedicated punters. Firstly and most importantly the bar has a reputation for friendly experienced girls who know exactly how to entertain the customer and are not shy about providing whatever is needed to ensure customer satisfaction. Secondly the bar has a sort of old school ambience. It is small, the girls are frisky and friendly, the prices are slightly lower than the big mainstream bars, costumes that leave little to the imagination, basic lighting and music, there is a large managers table which has been the scene of many a famous party session, customer friendly and interactive managers, mirrors painted with bell ring messages each of which tells a story of a good time had in the bar. There is an upstairs bar perfect for private parties, where things can get wet and wild. Most importantly in this little bar there is always close interaction between the girls and the customers. These factors all combine to create an old school atmosphere that is indicative of the Angeles bar scene from days gone by. Lastly but certainly by no means least, Treasure Island is in what has now become the center of Fields Avenue. This excellent location ensures a constant stream of passing traffic and punters through the door.

One unique aspect of Treasure Island is that for some reason it engenders close knit friendships amongst the girls working there and at the risk of generalizing I think it is safe to say the girls life span in this bar is longer than in other bars. A classic example of this is Olive the night shift mamasan who started off as a utility girl and has over the years worked her way up to a position of mamasan. This sort of longevity is a hallmark of the smaller bars like Treasure Island.

With an influx of girls Treasure Island has now opened daytime and this has encouraged a new breed of customer to discover the bar. Of course the bars mainstay is its regular customers some of whom been patronizing the bar for many years and in its current format TI as it is colloquially known has a nice mixture of the newer breed customer seeking a little bit of intimacy and fun in a smaller bar along with the dedicated regulars who have been coming to this bar seemingly forever and have very fond memories of the party times they have enjoyed there.

Treasure Island in many ways is the iconic Angeles bar with a small cozy environment, raunchy girls who are anything but shy, a realistic pricing structure, an upstairs room for private functions, an infamous managers table that has hosted some of the best parties Angeles has ever seen and not coincidentally Angeles biggest bell in what has to be perhaps the smallest bar on Fields Avenue.

Of course I realize bell ringing is not an activity engaged in by everyone but in Treasure Island it is a reasonable price and the girls literally go wild when it is rung. The bell ring creates one hell of a noise which purportedly can be heard across the street in Kokomos and gets the girls in a party mood which is virtually unparalleled in the Angeles bar scene.

Treasure Island and its big sister bar Lollipop are very friendly and orientated towards customer satisfaction, what’s more the management policies and marketing strategies are innovative and always instigated with customer satisfaction in mind. For example every Sunday in Treasure Island they have the see through white lingerie which is visually stimulating for the customer leaving just the right amount to the imagination. Quite often they will have impromptu parties and during these parties the girls get raunchy and nearly always merchandise is given away to customers.

As the money and development of new bigger glitzy bars come to dominate the Angeles bar scene it is nice to take a step into a small bar like Treasure Island sit back and relax, mingle with customer friendly non pushy girls and get a glimpse of how the bars used to be in Angeles and to some extent how they always will be no matter how much development the town undergoes.

Treasure Island is an old style Angeles bar with realistic prices, a raunchy party atmosphere, fun loving uninhibited girls, customer friendly management policies, and an upstairs bar area perfect for private parties. In my opinion this is a must visit establishment for anyone bar hopping on Fields.

Best of all Treasure Island recognizes the Asian Escapades discount and offers a 10% discount of ladies drinks and customer drinks. The discount is not applicable to ping pong balls bell rings or EWR.

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